Intrepid Vision

Intrepid Sailing Corps provides Veterans, service members and their families the experience and thrill of sailing.

Intrepid Mission

We are Sailors and Marines bringing maritime opportunities to fellow Veterans, service members and their families. We go beyond a simple experience by networking with our North Coast sailing community, maritime professionals and educators.

2023 Update: Getting this effort Back Underway; a message from Jim

Hello friends, it’s been a bit, while Intrepid has been out of the water for two seasons so has her program founder, I was diagnosed with cancer in 2021 but am finally in remission and with such mild weather and an approaching Spring, my thoughts return to sailing… The former US Naval Academy sailboat, Intrepid, remains in the shop at Sailing, Inc. Sailing, Inc. has been extremely gracious in adjusting the work schedule and project to the setbacks I’ve faced. However, the boat can’t remain in the shop without progress and funding.
Argonaut (the non-profit, formerly PHASTAR) continues to manage the project and prepare programming for Intrepid once we are able to fund and complete the restoration. Like other Argonaut maritime programs, the mission of this vessel is to present education and training opportunities while serving the community. Students from the Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School stand ready to assist with the restoration of the vessel and eventual on-water programming.
The beauty of the Intrepid Sailing Corps future is that it will simultaneously allow veterans and Cleveland high school students to provide support and assistance to each other. From mentoring, to emotional support and recovery, to workforce training, the veterans, service members and students that sail aboard Intrepid will return to shore stronger, more confident and equipped to advance their lives and careers.
The opportunities for long term programming support of an operational Intrepid are vast. However, we must raise the funding to return her to a seaworthy status. I have three fundraising goals in order to keep this dream alive. The first goal is to raise $10,000 in the next two weeks. This will allow us to continue to have the indoor workspace and resume the restoration. The second goal is to raise an additional $20,000 by May. This will keep the project on budget and on timeline. The final goal is the final $70,000 by September to reach a total funding goal of $100,000. If funding and timeline goals are met, we hope to see Intrepid sail by the end of the 2023 season.
Intrepid is my legacy project. It has already grown well beyond my original vision of getting veterans out sailing. Please support my effort to launch the Intrepid Sailing Corps.

ISC in the News!

Thanks to local Cleveland news channels 3 (WKYC) and 5 (WEWS) for helping to spread the word about Intrepid Sailing Corps! Follow the links below to check out the videos:

Oct. 6, 2020:
Healing on the water: local veteran raising money to launch sailing program (WKYC)

Sept. 9, 2020:
Local veteran is raising money to restore boat, teach other veterans how to sail (WEWS)